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About Voice Over Coaching with Lili Wexu

Are you a film, television or theater actor looking to cross over into voice acting? Do you have a sudden voice over audition you need help with? Perhaps you’re a singer, teacher, speaker, or pet parent and you’d like to use your skills and talent in the voice acting industry? Maybe you’ve always been told you have a great voice, or you’ve always loved imitating accents!

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, I can help you develop your talent and navigate your way through the voice acting industry. And if you’ve been a hard-working VO talent but your income has been stagnating, I can help you breathe life back into your VO career.

Voice Acting Coach

In our voice acting lessons, we’ll discover your strengths and weaknesses and help you build on them. We’ll also go over business tips and tricks that will give you an edge out there.

Lessons are designed to help you become independent and effective at auditioning so that you can eventually book jobs. With practice, you’ll be able to use the tools from our sessions to create original performances in a heartbeat. These sessions will also help you build the confidence you need to perform for directors and clients.

As a voice actress, I specialize in voice over commercials and narrations. If you need voice acting lessons in the animation, video game, audio book, or TV promo sectors, I’ll refer you to renowned and established coaches in those industries.

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This how-to voiceover series demystifies the VO career by breaking down the fundamentals and clearly explaining what it takes to be successful as a VO artist. It reads more like a friend explaining to you how to be successful as opposed to a technical manual.

Tara Wilson (Amazon Reader)

I have been in the VO world for about 2 years, and I thought I pretty much knew everything I needed to know, but not the case. Informative, to the point, funny and for me personally some great reminders. There is so much more than just having a great voice. Highly recommend!

Kindle Customer (Amazon Reader)

Starting to recently consider the world of voiceovers and having a desire to find out more but not knowing how, I am so grateful that I came across this book. Having been an entertainer for a number of years I also found myself wishing I would’ve had this book when I first started out.

This book covers all things voice overs. It is an extremely comprehensive guide regarding the preparation, passion and multiple levels of professionalism needed to cultivate a thriving career in this specialized part of the creative world.

What I liked the most is that while the author made no bones about the time, talent and dedication needed to be a serious contender in this field, she is also very clear and encouraging that it is possible to do while providing pro
-tip after pro-tip on how to do it.

It’s an easy and enjoyable read that I highly recommend to anyone who just needs knowledge, a little hope or like me, needs both.

Cris J (Amazon Reader)

I want to pursue voice acting and I had no idea where to start. This was full of great info and easy to read. Very helpful.

Monica (Amazon Reader)

If you're serious about wanting to pursue voiceovers professionally or just curious about the industry or craft, this is an essential read and might answer some important questions for you. It's chock full of truth, and top-notch pointers and principles, and is written by someone who understands that voiceover is voice acting.

Lili Wexu distills a lot of practical advice and valuable insight here about voiceover and voice acting. And she is refreshingly (and necessarily) honest about a number of aspects to it, including union work and the current reality of working in this increasingly competitive and digitized field.

I've read (and listened) to a number of books and resources on voiceovers and this is among the best of them. It's written by a true voiceover professional (and fellow artist) who gets it and she speaks directly and genuinely to those of us with a curiosity to learn more about voiceover, and/or the earnest desire to try to do it. It's to the point and an enjoyable read, too.

Daniel La (Amazon Reader)