Voice Acting & Announcing pt.2, Recording & Editing Voiceovers

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This voice over book written by actress Lili Wexu is a modern-day voice acting 101 bible detailing what it takes to become a successful voice actor or announcer in today’s VO market. The entire three-part-series is a must have for new voice actors and announcers who want a sustainable career. Whether you’re seeking to make a transition to a career in the voice sector because it’s the logical next step in your career, or because you want to feel stimulated by a new career, these voice acting books are meant to empower you in the next phase of your journey.

An Amazon reader says: “My biggest hurdle in getting into voiceover was getting over the actual recording and editing part. Voila! This book was literally a game changer for me and has given me the skills and confidence to just focus on what I really love about my new job… the actual performance part. Thanks Lili!!!”

To have a viable voice over career, you must first become a competent VO technician.

Pt. 2  follows the path of the voice over technician: recording and editing voice overs, voice over recording gear (and voice over industry standards like voice acting microphones, headphones, audio interfaces), the intricacies of working with sound, building a voice over booth, audio editing and file delivery standards, and audio file formats and specifications. After reading this book you’ll be confident about recording voice overs from home and editing your voice over work. This is all about understanding the voice acting tools you need to deliver excellent audio to clients and agents.

Get the voice acting book that will help you record and edit voice overs from home the clever way.

1 review for Voice Acting & Announcing pt.2, Recording & Editing Voiceovers

  1. Ian Thibault

    Fantastic reading. There is so much that i’ve learned with this book! I recommend it to everyone who wants to create their home studio. It’s easy to read and very accessible!
    I’ll definitely keep it as one of my precious tools for the future.

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