Cross-Border Taxes for Canadian Actors, Acting In Los Angeles pt. 3

The only one of its kind on the market, the Canadian edition of Cross-Border Taxes addresses the various economic implications of working and/or living in the United States as a Canadian actor.

The e-book also sheds light on Canadian RRSPs, tax withholding, and what tax forms actors should be getting at the end of the year on both sides of the border (as well as how to get them).

A manual for newly-arrived Canuck actors, and for those who plan on working and/or living in the United States in the future, the e-book breaks down complex financial and taxation concepts into accessible language.

This e-book is a companion to Acting In Los Angeles pt. 2: American Work Visas. To capitalize on consultations with cross-border accountants about working in Los Angeles, Canadian actors should purchase it prior to speaking with them.



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