American Work Visas for Canadian Actors, Acting In Los Angeles pt. 2

The only one of its kind on the market, the Canadian edition of American Work Visas breaks down some of the legal language surrounding work visas, details of what it takes to acquire one, and outlines the economic and employment implications of visas on both sides of the border.

This e-book is an important guide for those who plan on applying for work visas in the future, but it is also a critical resource for newly-arrived Canuck actors who aren’t clear about the ramifications of possessing an American work visa. To capitalize on consultations with cross-border accountants about working in Los Angeles, Canadian actors should purchase this e-book prior to speaking with them.

This e-book is a companion to Acting In Los Angeles pt. 3: Cross-Border Taxesas visas have an important impact on finances. This entire four-part-series is a bible for newly arrived Canuck actors.


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